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orphan black meme: {6/7} characters

↳ Cal Morrison

Favorite Scarlett Johansson Photos. (x)

Favorite Scarlett Johansson Photos. (x)

But who can I trust? Because I don’t know if I can do this by myself.

We tell her that we don’t know what Carol’s going to be like when she comes back. She might not remember us. She might not even remember herself. But we will know. We will know the light she has inside her because she showed us all today. We will know. She’s Captain Marvel. She’s our hero.— captain marvel #014

Natalie Dormer attends the mtvU Fandom Awards on July 24th, 2014 (x)

I’ve already got a family.


I’m not here to be a watered-down version of some other hero … I’m here to be the best version of Kamala.

Ms Marvel (2014) vol. 1


Sarah Walker in Chuck Versus the Goodbye :-) Part 12/14